Exemplifies elegant sophistication within an oriental culture. The name KINDUS stems from the story of the great Arab philosopher, Yaqub Ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi. Al-Kindi was born in Kufa, now known as present-day Iraq in 800 C.E. He lived his life between Baghdad and Europe and due to this thirst for knowledge and innovation, was a part of the major schools of thought during his time, including the Al-Mutawakkil, Al-Mamun, and Al-Mu’tasim. These schools allowed him to excel in in many different fields such as philosophy, astronomy, physics, math, and geography.

One of his greatest achievements was presented in the 9th century in the field of chemistry, when Al-Kindi developed the Al-Kindus Distiller. This distiller allowed Al-Kindi to discover over 100 various methods for perfume making—all of which he had published in a book titled “Book of the Chemistry of Perfume and Distillations”, which is still referenced today. The Al-Kindus distiller was the first step to perfume making as we know it, and because of Al-Kindi’s principles, all perfumers today know him as “The Father of Perfume Distillation”.

Perfume exists in a multitude of unique scents, styles, and auras and we owe this diversity to Al-Kindi. KINDUS today stands out to reflect Al-Kindi’s path to creating the world’s most personalized luxury—perfume.